Please note you cannot use this service without first contacting Northwest Vox to have a new or existing Extension changed to be compatible with the application. 

Additional charges may apply. 

First Install the app from the Apple Store by searching Zoiper.

Once the app has finished installing go ahead and open it and follow these steps to set it up. 

Step 1: Press Settings on the bottom Right corner.

Step 2: Select Accounts

Step 3: Select the + on the top Right

Step 4: When asked "Do you already have an account (username and password)?" Select Yes

Step 5: Select Manual configuration

Step 6: Select SIP account

Note: The following steps will require information provided to you by NWVOX. If you have not gotten this information please call 1877-208-9710 or email A support agent will contact you after a ticket is created and can provide you with the information needed and walk you though if needed. 

Step 7: Select Account name and enter the Account name provided to you by NWVOX.

Step 8: Select Domain and enter

Step 9: Select User name and enter the the user name provided to you by NWVOX

Step 10: Select Password and enter the password provided to you by NWVOX

Your Screen should look similar to the one bellow. 

Step 11: Select Register at the top. If all information is correct the screen will say registered. If no it will say Register Fail.

Step 12: Once your zoiper says registered scroll down in the same page until you see Audio codecs then select it.

Step 13: Ensure that only a-law and u-law are selected

Step 14: Go back to the main Settings screen and select Incoming Calls.

Step 15: Ensure both settings under Incoming calls are selected. 

Your Zoiper is now properly configured and ready to use. 

Keep in mind the call quality of the app is only as good as your connection via Cellular data and WiFi.