Step 1. Call recording has to be first enabled by an NWVOX Support agent. If you are not sure if recording is enabled, or you would like to enable it, please call NWVOX at 1-877-208-9710

Step 2. Once call recording is enabled, it can be set to either always record or record only when *1 is dialed during a call.

Step 3. To listen to a call recording, log into the NWVOX Portal at If you have an account master login, you will need to select the user you would like to listen to recordings for. If you have a user-login, you will be automatically logged in to your recordings.

Step 4. Click on the Recorded Calls icon


Step 5. Select the desired call from the list. The list is ordered by date, with newest calls appearing at the top. To the left side of each entry are buttons to Play, Stop, and Download the call.

Note: Some browsers do not support playing this type of file. If that is the case, you may have to download an additional plugin to play the audio. You can also click the Download button (downward arrow), to download the sound and play it back using your computer’s audio player.