1. Dial 425-374-1722. 
  2. After the recording and at the tone, say your new greeting. 
  3. When you are finished, hang up. An NWVOX agent will be notified that a greeting has been recorded and will retrieve it from our system.
  4. Send an email to support@nwvox.com with any special instructions you would like to leave for your greeting, such as “Play this greeting on our main line 800-555-5555 from 9am to 5pm PST Monday thru Friday
  5. An NWVOX support agent will contact you once the greeting is ready to go.

Tips for leaving a great sounding greeting:

  • Use a desk phone, or landline whenever possible.

  • Speak clearly, at a normal conversational tone.

  • Avoid holding the microphone against your face or mouth.

  • If you have multiple greetings, you can leave them all in one message.

  • If you make a mistake, you can simply start again, and we will use the correct version.

  • If you would like to leave notes in the recorded message, you may do so. We will remove them before uploading.