Step 1. Go to this website. This will take you to the Plantronics headset compatibility tool.


Step 2. Once you arrive, please click on the Desk Phone icon.


Step 3. Use the drop down menus to find the make and model of your phone.

  • If you don't know what model of phone you have, call 1877-208-9710 or email and we can look it up for you.


Step 4. Click the View Compatible Solutions button.


  Step 5. Look for the wired or wireless headset that best matches your requirements. Some options will require additional accessories such as a handset lifter or EHS cable.    Please make sure you have all of the appropriate components for functionality. Be advised that some of these headsets require some configuration in order to be useable on    your phone.


For further assistance, call 1-877-208-9710 to speak with our support team about the option that is best for you.