We can add local, long distance, international or toll-free phone numbers to your account whenever you like. This can include more phones and extensions as well including voicemail, auto attendant, multiple agents, ring groups, conference or broadcast capabilities.  Simply send an email to Sales@nwvox.com for more information about adding phone numbers to your service plan.  

To add a new phone number or extension to your account, please email Support@nwvox.com or call NWVOX at 1-877-208-9710 and choose 1 for Support.

When adding a new phone or extension, please have the following information READY:

  1. Name of new user
  2. E-mail address
  3. Desired extension number (if applicable)
  4. Desired area code for phone number (if applicable)
  5. Any special requests or changes to your call flow for this new user.
  6. Desired date for this extension to become active